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Building tribal language access through technology

On Thursday in a planning meeting about the National Indian University, we discussed the opportunity to build on our capacity and assets through the development of a network of shared language courses. I am excited about this because I think it honors the diversity of our institutions and students, respects that our students come from [...]

Leadership and the redefining of Indian education

During a strategic planning session at the AIHEC ( meeting, president Lionel Bordeaux of Sinte Gleska University discussed the words and vision of one of the founders of SGU, Stanley Red Bird, Sr., that tribal colleges would provide the leadership to redefine and restructure Indian education, that we would create new structures and approaches to [...]

The story of an intellectual journey – Woksape Oyate

Listening to the tribal college presidents and their staff reminds me of the vision of our founders. As tribal colleges we must be focused on restoration of our tribal knowledge and practices while learning modern skills for managing our resources and practicing self governance. We use Woksape Oyate resources to grow our own Native faculty [...]

Woksape Oyate

Woksape Oyate – wisdom of the people – the projects of the tribal colleges funded by the Lilly Foundation through the American Indian College Fund are being discussed at our gathering in Denver this weekend. What I have heard so far is a reaffirmation that our intellectual capital is gathering the knowledge that supports of [...]

President Crazy Bull Addresses Pine Ridge 20/20 Special

Many people after watching the ABC 20/20 special: Hidden America: Children of the Prairies may be asking, “What can be done to help?” The special depicted the daily lives of young people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, home of one of the poorest counties in the United States. Like ABC reporter Diane [...]