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Thoughts on Prosperity

The challenges we face as indigenous peoples with our reservation economies is frequently in the news. From many places, there are discussions about health, schooling, violence, and the lack of good housing and transportation. The stories are so personal. To each of us they are our stories, our relatives, sometimes they are us, in the [...]

Being in the Lone Ranger

This past summer the College Fund was the beneficiary of the ticket sales for the Lone Ranger premiere. The opportunity, of course, prompted great discussions about misappropriation and Native star power. It wasn’t an easy decision but I kept my focus on the tribal colleges students who benefitted through the scholarship funds raised by the [...]

Going To places where our Grandfathers went

Recently, I took a journey to two cities that thrive with political and social relationships that are so defining to the ways of people in the USA. I went to Washington DC and New York City. In many ways these cities represent this country in ways that are both grounded in the best of intentions [...]

Idle No More Brings Native Voices Native Education To The Forefront

Like many Natives and our allies across our Grandmother Earth, Unci Maka, I have joined the Idle No More movement, attending round dance gatherings, praying for Chief Theresa Spence and her supporters, sharing the stories I hear and read and perusing news and opinion pieces. Like many indigenous people, I am acutely aware that our [...]


There is a smell of pine A smell that brings memories Bearing down upon the present day Tangy, pungent, clean The smell of freshness Carried on cool winds left behind by thunderstorms Warm in the summer sun Crisp with winter ice

Sticky bark and prickly pine needles

I have stood many times in the shelter [...]

Red Language


There is a foreign language That trips on the tongues of the elders Skirts around the hearts of the young Sets itself to music and writes itself sonnets and epic poems

It is the language of the end The end of ourselves As indigenous

It is a white language Translucent in some places [...]

Urban Reflection 3 – Indian education in public schools

In October I attended the National Indian Education Convention in Oklahoma City. It is a place of rich Native cultures and beautiful landscapes. It is so flat in Oklahoma City you cannot see the horizon and the winds sweep you off your feet as they rush across the plains looking to knock over whatever lies [...]