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Thoughts of Giving Thanks

As the thanksgiving holiday weekend draws to a close and I reflect on the swirl of public commentary among Natives and non-Natives about what a Thanksgiving celebration looks like to Indians and and what is there to give thanks for, I thought I would share some of my memories and what this holiday might mean [...]

Indigenous People and Our Declarations

The last several weeks, I’ve been traveling to Indian conferences and on work-related trips to Port Gamble, Muckleshoot amd Nez Perce. During the National Congress of American Indians convention, I listened to keynote presenters discussing where we are at with the implementation of the U.N. Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People and I wondered how [...]

Speaking of the Indian Narrative

I had read Gyasi Ross, the Blackfeet attorney and writer who lives among the Suquamish so I was happy to be able to hear him speak at the final assembly of NIEA on Sunday. I look forward to meeting him. Gyasi greeted the attendees with enthusiasm for his story and centered his remarks in the [...]