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In Appreciation of My Journey

Yesterday as we drove away from our home in the coastal northwest, homelands of the Xwlemi, we felt a poignant sadness that we would not see the faces of our friends everyday. We will see them later.

As we visited, I thought about the journey that I am on. When I was a [...]

Celebrating AIHEC’s 40th Anniversary

Tribal college presidents and our central office staff along with colleagues from our institutions gathered this week on the Standing Rock Nation at our annual summer retreat. This is a time when we discuss important priorities of the colleges that we don’t get to spend as much time on during our other gatherings. A [...]

Finding Our Place in the Urban Sun

Getting to know the new place that we will be moving to has been part of the last few days. Having enjoyed a road trip that led us through the Indian country of the Northwest and Plateau Tribes, we are now exploring the Rocky Mountains and the foothills and plains that lie to their [...]

Journey West Begins

We have been on a road trip travelling from the sea level homelands of the Lummi and Coast Salish people to the homeland of the Utes, Comanches, Arapahoes and others of the high plains. Alex and I drove our Chrysler 300 which still runs well with close to 150,000 miles on, like an old [...]