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Reflection 2 – Urban Indian Living

Over the years I had often heard that our relatives who went to live in the cities because of relocation, education or to join other family members, kept alive the traditions and ceremonies of our people because they are so important to their identity and to their connection to their homelands. While I know [...]

First days at AICF – being present and remembering

This was my first week at the American Indian College Fund and I want to celebrate being in this really wonderful place in my life. Alex and I like living in this area – we are fascinated by the Rocky Mountains – they really are rocky and filled with all kinds of interesting trees and [...]

More Thoughts on Being Native

This morning I woke up thinking about a dream I had where I was telling someone about the tribal colleges and tribal people and he didn’t believe me. He acted like we couldn’t possibly be so culturally different and dismissed my remarks as if I was telling him something that was not important – [...]

Belonging in A Place

It is such a pleasure for me to come home to the Rosebud. Up until I moved away in 2002, it rarely occurred to me that I might live somewhere else. Once when my kids were young, I gave serious thought and put some effort into moving to Lincoln NE for a job. It [...]

Supporting Research – Building TCU Intellectual Capacity

I had the opportunity to listen to some of the research and projects of the Sloan and Mellon Fellows and Scholars associated with the American Indian College Fund over the last two days. (Regretably an appointment with an electrician and travel to SD prevented me from hearing all of them, something I will have [...]

Reflection 1 – urban Indian living

Reflections on place (1) – living urban and feeling a sense of place

I am going to try for at least a monthly reflection on what it means to me to live in a big city. This is the first.

Having finally reached the 2-week mark of living in our new urban [...]

In Appreciation of My Journey

Yesterday as we drove away from our home in the coastal northwest, homelands of the Xwlemi, we felt a poignant sadness that we would not see the faces of our friends everyday. We will see them later.

As we visited, I thought about the journey that I am on. When I was a [...]